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For Models/Anchors.....

Learn how to deal with clients, so that you cannot miss any good contract or project or waste your time running after unfaithful vendors/clients'

Rule # 3

If you are going for audition, you must confirm the dress code as this plays a vital role in selection. Suppose, if you are going for audition for glamorous project and if you go in Jeans-Tshirt, you would definitely be rejected at first instance by the client before taking audition. Do remember - Dress color should either be sober or colorful... no rajkapoor type dress or loose dresses... You must wear dresses which are fit to you. If you do not follow this rule, you would be doing audition and being rejected all the time. One day, you will start hating auditions, while it is your fault and your career will come to an end before start...

Example : - For a TV channel, one model came in the office. Nobody notice her that she has come as a model because she was wearing very loose tshirt (unfit to her body) and jeans. It seems she was coming from morning walk. She got rejection immediately... after that day, we never called her for any audition while her portfolio was too beautiful...

So do remember Rule # 3 and get success.

This is just to alert the models to stay away from time waste so-called clients'

Rule # 4 will be posted 2moro.....

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