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From today we are starting to educate models how to deal with clients, so that you cannot miss any good contract or project or waste your time running after unfaithful vendors/clients'

Rule # 1

Whenever you get call from anybody for any project, you must not forget to take 5 important informations - Caller's Office complete address, official website, official email address, his post in the company and his cell number. After getting all these information, you just write his number/company name/email/office's address in google, it will show you some results. On google you can check about his background and all.. If you do not find anything on google, it means either caller is new in the industry or just a time pass caller. If caller does not have business centre (physical office is very important for modelling industry) it means he is just a freelance vendor and his/her company is not legally registered with government of India. In that case, it will be too risky to work with such callers.

This is just to alert the models to stay away from time waste so-called clients'

Rule # 2 will be posted 2moro.....

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