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What is is a Hostess / Promoters Provider Company which has changed 20 years old way of selection of candidates for promotional activities in India for companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia,  ITC, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Event Management Companies etc

It is the only company which has presence in 75 cities in India.

It provides hostess for more than 56 different kind of activities.

What is Hostess / Promoters = Companies hire students / seasoned manpower for promotion of their product / services among customers.

TATA Press Conference gave billion dollar idea

In 2011, we were conducting press conference for Daniel Corus (JV of TATA-Daniel). For the same, we had requirement 6 of hostesses. .

We searched entire Google but we did not find any professional company. We found roadside vendors who were neither educated nor understanding the seriousness of this business. We were paying Rs.3000 each, but after 4 days efforts, we found only one person (roadside vendor).

Milestones / Quick view of facts

1 Launched in Dec 2011 with one employee and Rs.15,000/-

2 Now 8 employees including 2 part timers

3 No.1 in Google search in its segment

4 Became Official Hostess Provider Company for 10+ Expo in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Greater Noida, Hyderabad etc in 2012

5 Became official provider for AMTEX & Elasia Expo till 2022

6 Purchased own office in July 2013

7 Launched Android App in Dec 2014, Only company which has android app in this industry

8 First Project done abroad in Jan 2015

Right place for event promoters and companies

Now you can have the times of your lives, attend the most happening parties, get to meet all the bold and the beautiful people and earn a lot of moolah. RBG Sports Management & PR invites you to the most happening events and parties. If you are bold and beautiful then please do drop in you resume at (fill in the email ID) or fill in out application form. 

if you are a company, events agency or individual who needs such bold and beautiful people for your events and parties, then please do call us. We have got a database over a 5000 event promoters, models and artists, who can satisfy you`re every kind of need. Our talent has got a cumulative experience of thousands of man years and they ensure that all your events and parties are as fun and business filled as possible. So, what are you waiting for just call us on (fill in the phone number)





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